Our Offer

Indoor localisation solutions

We offer indoor positioning and analytics solutions.

Navigation and analytics inside buildings has enormous application potential: from pure commercial services to search and rescue actions.

Through our subsidiary – Mesh Metrics Sp. z o.o. – we offer our own indoor localisation system, which allows obtaining a position in a building with an accuracy of several meters. Our solution relies on wireless fingerprinting based on interpolation and modelling of signal propagation from Wi-Fi networks, which are already installed in a building. Positioning accuracy can be much improved after implementation of a solution using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) i.e. deliberately installed proximity beacons.

In almost 20 retail stores Mesh Metrics Sp. z o.o. has implemented a system for analysing indoor movement of people based on CCTV images and Wi-Fi signals, that supports decision-making processes of the store managers.

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