Our mission is to provide high quality geo-information services and IT solutions based on satellite data. For our clients we offer a comprehensive and long-term support in developing their activities.


3 November 2023

Presentation of new functions of Fertisat at Central Agricultural Fair and at POLAGRA PREMIERY Fair

We invite you to visit our stands at Central Agricultural Fair in Nadarzyn near Warsaw (December 8-10, 2023) and at POLAGRA PREMIERY Fair in Poznań (January 19-21, 2024). There will be an opportunity to see the new version of Fertisat service, in which we have implemented several new, very useful functions. One of them is a generator of application maps for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers based on analysis of satellite radar images. As radar data can be obtained regardless of weather conditions, we are now able to offer application maps at any time the farmer chooses. This is important in fully or partially cloudy conditions, which often make it difficult or impossible to acquire and analyse optical images during periods of intense field works.

6 September 2023

Invitation to our stand at Agro Show Fair

Another event this year where we will be present is Agro Show Fair in Bednary near Poznań, organized on September 22-24. We invite you to our booth: No. 10 in the Exhibition Hall.

3 July 2023

Our participation in the Potato Day and in the National Potato Fair

We invite potato growers, agronomists and everyone interested in Irriget and Fertisat services to visit our stands at the Potato Day organized by the Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Żelazna near Skierniewice on July 7 and at the National Potato Fair in Gronowice in Opole province on August 30-31 (stand N13).

Irriget service in its 2nd year of operation is already used by more than 200 Polish potato growers. During the events we will encourage more farmers to try out the service free of charge. For cereals and oilseed rape producers we also recommend Fertisat service, which provides maps of precise nitrogen fertilization, and from this autumn also calculators and maps of phosphorus and potassium fertilization.

2 June 2023

Irriget integrated with weather stations

We have added a new function to Irriget service that allows the use of data from METOS® weather stations. By importing data from stationary or virtual stations, farmers who are users of METOS system can increase the accuracy of our calculations of actual evapotranspiration and the subsequent irrigation recommendations.

Later this season we will incorporate data from non-commercial meteo services and weather stations into Irriget. We strive to estimate water needs in each field on an ongoing basis and to provide our clients with precise information and advice with resolution of up to one are.

Wasat’s management team is comprised of experts with multi-year professional background in satellite applications and IT sectors. The company cooperates with many universities and research institutions in Poland and abroad, it is equipped with the state-of-the-art software and research infrastructure and it provides clients with advisory services and training possibilities.


Bartosz Buszke

Managing Director

Bartosz graduated in management from the University of Gdańsk and received postgraduate diplomas in satellite applications domain, he was awarded with fellowships from the British Council and ESA. As a manager he worked in the Polish Space Research Centre and in Polspace. Bartosz was a member of the EU Space Advisory Group and now is a Board member of the Polish Space Agency. He is an expert in economics of satellite applications and in use of Earth Observation in agriculture, archaeology and the energy sector.


Dominik Ruciński

Remote Sensing Department Manager

Dominik graduated in geography from University in Lublin and completed postgraduate studies in remote sensing and GIS at the Military University of Technology in Warsaw. As a GIS expert he worked for several years in companies and public institutions in Poland. Since 2011 Dominik has been leading satellite imagery processing and analysis in Wasat, with a focus on agriculture, archaeology and environmental protection.


Daniel Zinkiewicz

Navigation and Geoinformation Department Manager

Daniel holds degrees in IT and geodesy from the University of Olsztyn where he received a governmental award for his Master thesis. He was employed as an geoinformation expert in companies in Poland and in Ireland. Since 2010 Daniel has been leading software development projects in Wasat. He is an expert in satellite data management, mobile mapping, GNSS and indoor navigation.

Remote Sensing Department

Department’s staff develops methods and algorithms that form the backbone of services offered to the agricultural and environmental protection sectors and to archaeologists. The team acquires advanced knowledge and technical skills during implementation of R&D projects, and through contacts with experts from the European Space Agency. This results in a high-quality work as well as in scientific publications and conference presentations.

Geo-informatics Department

The Department creates new methods of searching, processing and distribution of satellite data. It also develops mobile mapping applications and solutions for visualisation of spatial information. The tasks are implemented using modern and effective software development methodology based on standards promoted by international organizations.


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